I Want

英語では、「ほしい」と「したい」の両方に「I want」が使用されています。

ほしい:「I want」+ 名詞.

I want a vacation.
I want that dog.
I want cookies.
I want his shirt.
I want your motorbike.

したい:「I want」+ 「to」+ 動詞の原形.

I want to go to Spain.
I want to play soccer.
I want to sleep.
I want to be the very best.
I want to win.

「欲しい」の3番目の用途があります、I want you toは「〜に~してほしい」という意味を表します:「I want」+ 人称代名詞 + 「to」+ 動詞の原形.

I want you to be quiet.
I want him to leave.
I want it to snow.
I want us to be friends.
I want them to come over here.



I want don’t want
You want don’t want
He wants doesn’t want
She wants doesn’t want
It wants doesn’t want
We want don’t want
You want don’t want
They want don’t want


I (don’t) want (-) to 動詞の原形
You doesn’t wants you
He him
She her
It it
We us
You you
They them

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